Pricing and Packages

TV Services & PackagesPer month  
Local Broadcast$34.99
Standard Cable$50.00
Family Package$10.00
Sports Plus Package$5.00
Movie Package$10.00
Sport & Information Package$10.00
Conexión Única$10.00
HD Plus$8.00
Broadcast Station Surcharge$15.00
Sports Programming Surcharge$6.65
Premium ChannelsPer month  
SHOWTIME®/The Movie Channel$17.00
Pay-Per-View and On DemandPer month  
New Release, Adult Movies, EventsVaries
High-Speed Internet Services*Per month  
Non Gigabit Markets 
**Internet 20.0$59.99
**Internet 50.0$89.99
**Internet 75.0$99.99
**Internet 100.0$119.99
**Internet 150.0$139.99
High-Speed Internet Services*Per month  
Gigabit Markets 
**Internet 20.0$59.99
**Internet 100.0$89.99
**Internet 200.0$99.99
**Internet 400.0$119.99
**1 Gig Internet$139.99
Phone ServicesPer month  
Telephone Service Only$50.95
Second Line Service Fee$19.95
Listed Telephone NumberNo Charge
Non-Listed Telephone Number$6.50
Non-Published Telephone Number$6.50
Voice Mail$5.00
Security ServicesPer month  
Suddenlink Security$50.00
Add on productsVaries
Equipment & Extras 
Standard Digital Receiver$11.00
High Definition (HD) Receiver$11.00
HD/DVR Receiver/Service$17.00
Cable Card$2.50
TiVo Receiver$17.00
TiVo Mini$11.00
TiVo Stream$10.00
House Amp (Purchase)$40.00
Docsis 3.0 Modem (Lease)$10.00
Docsis 3.0 Modem (Purchase)$80.00
Wireless Modem/Router (Lease)$10.00
Network Enhancement Fee$3.50
HD DigitaLink$5.00
Safeguard (Wire Maintenance)$6.99


Unreturned Equipment Fees 
Standard Digital Receiver$176-$200
HD/DVR Receiver$150-$510
Remote Control$30.00
Power Cord$155.00
Cable Card$73-$475
Docsis 3.0 Modem$40-$125
MTA – Phone Modem$106-$150
Wireless Modem/Router (Lease)$72-$150
HD DigitaLink$50.00
TIVO Receiver$250-$500
TIVO Mini$150.00
TIVO Stream$150.00
Installation, Service & Other Charges 
Standard Installation$99.00
Premium Installation$149.00
Account Change$25.00
Activation Fee$40.00
Restore Service Fee (1-2 Products)$10.00
Restore Service Fee (3 Products)$15.00
Directory Listing Change$10.00
Telephone Reconnect$20.00
Telephone Service Call$50.00
Reconnect Service$40.00
Upgrade Service$25.00
WiFi Installation$40.00
1st Outlet – New Install$25.00
Each Additional Outlet$25.00
Hourly Service Charge$40.00
Service Call$60.00
Missed Service Appointment$60.00
Field Collection Fee$20.00
Change of Service Transaction Fee$5.99
Service Deposit (when required)Varies
Collection Fee$20.00
Payment Processing Fee$10.00
Late Payment Fee$10.00***
Returned Payment Charge$30.00^
Paper Statement Fee$1.00

Taxes, fees and surcharges, including a broadcast station surcharge, may apply and are not included within monthly prices. A minimum of Local Broadcast service is necessary to receive other levels of video service. A receiver and remote may be necessary to receive certain services. Certain services are available separately or as part of other levels of service. Programming, pricing, channel locations and packaging may change at any time. Non-standard installations are priced separately. Equipment required for advanced video and High-Speed Internet services. *Not all Internet speeds are available in all areas.

** Only available in select markets.

*** The following fees apply; $2 to customers in West Virginia, $4.75 to customers in California, $5 to customers in Kansas and a $6 to customers in Oklahoma.

^The following charges apply; $20 to customers in Idaho & Louisiana, $25 to customers in Arizona, California, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, West Virginia, $30 to customers in Arkansas, Kansas, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, $25 to customers in Virginia & $40 to customers in Mississippi.