Are Internet and Wi-Fi The Same Thing?

We live in an unprecedented age of digital technology. More than 4 billion people (over half the earth’s population) access the internet on a daily basis1, 2.2 billion play online video games every day2, and almost 3 billion have social media accounts.3... more

Cyber Protection: Your Home Internet Firewall

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High Speed Internet

Ok, after a long week at work you’re home on Friday night and want to sit and relax on the couch as you stream a new movie release to watch with the family. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Well, it is enjoyable if you have high-speed internet from... more

How much internet speed do you need?

We’ve all been there: you grab your big bowl of popcorn, sink into the cozy couch with the family, then press “select” on the remote to fire up your on-demand movie. Unfortunately for many, what happens next is straight out of a horror flick. The... more

Internet Gaming Speed

Online gaming is literally more than a game to millions of people. In fact, it’s a passion where you can interact with friends and so many others who may live across the street, across the country or across the world. But no matter the location, the bond... more

Life in the WiFi fast lane: How internet speed works.

It’s one of life’s great mysteries. You plug in a little black box, wait with great anticipation while the light panel cycles from a flashing yellow to a solid green. You link your iPad, laptop, TV and smartphone to an invisible signal . . . and suddenly... more

Netflix Shortcuts

Search smarter, not longer.What’s on Netflix? Easily find what you really want to watch using these secret codes Finding the entertainment you enjoy on Netflix can be anything but simple since they  offer millions of hours of content (actually... more

Pay Per View Boxing

Enjoy ringside seats from the comfort of your own couch!If you have a couch in your house and are a subscriber to Suddenlink, you’re just a TV remoteclick away form the best boxing matches only found on Pay-Per-View. It’s round to roundcoverage of the... more

Pay Per View Events

Get a ring side seat to all the action.With pay per view, you’ll feel like you’re practically in the ring for top professional boxing titlematches that are always a hit. Fans of UFC and WWE will also be able to catch the big matchups with the biggest... more

Satellite Internet vs Cable

As World War II concluded, many vets returned home to discover the amazing invention called television was becoming more widespread and offered an exciting escape for a war-weary nation. Unfortunately for many in mountain communities and rural areas,... more

Should I Connect to 5GHz?

Interference: we deal with it every day – and it can be oh so frustrating.Your favorite football team makes a game-saving defensive stop on the last play to win the big game. But wait . . . a referee throws a flag for pass interference.You’re all set to... more

Streaming Services

In the stream age that features speedier internet service, all viewers need to do is follow the Suddenlink stream to great entertainment options for the whole family to enjoy.With Suddenlink and the Suddenlink2Go app, you can catch up with all your... more

What Is Disney Plus?

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What is ESPN Plus?

A Brief History of ESPNBill Rasmussen had a dream. Recently fired from his job with the now defunct Hartford Whalers of the old World Hockey Association, Bill and his son had a vision of a 24-hour-a-day sports network. Although the naysayers said it... more

What Is Fiber Internet?

The year was 1953. The Yankees continued their dominance and defeated the Dodgers in the World Series. The Montreal Canadians hoisted their seventh Stanley Cup. Calvin Coolidge was the 30th U.S. President. And an Indian-born physicist named Narinder... more

What Is Latency?

In 2012, malfunctioning toilets caused a two-day delay on a flight from San Francisco to Shanghai. The flight was diverted to Anchorage, Alaska where a replacement plane was also discovered to be faulty. The passengers left a day later on a third plane... more

Which Router Should I Buy?

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Why Your Internet Is Slow?

We live in a technologically advanced environment where we can instantly explore the world with a quick click of Google Earth, have the best seats in the house as we stream the championship game on our iPad, and feel the adrenaline of being undercover in... more

WWE Pay Per View

Get Ready to Rumble to WWE Mayhem with Pay-Per-View on SuddenLinkThe wrestling ring gets crazy wild with WWE mayhem only available through pay per view on SuddenLink.Wrestling champions are born and careers destroyed in the wild realm of World... more