We want to make sure that our customers gets the very most from their service. We're committed to making our products accessible to those with disabilities. All of our TV, phone and internet services offer features that can be customized based on your personal needs. As part of our commitment to Accessibility, our websites are monitored regularity and tested with screen readers. If you have any issues viewing our web sites, please contact us at 844.551.5862.

Hearing Solutions

Report a Closed Captioning issue
For immediate closed captioning issues, please contact us at call 844-551-5862

Written closed captioning complaints should be mailed to Altice USA, Attn: Marian O'Hagan, Director, Customer Care, 200 Jericho Quadrangle, Jericho, NY 11753.  Marian O'Hagan Director, Customer Care, 516-803-5131 (phone), 516-803-1682 (fax), CCQuestions@AlticeUSA.com (email).

Chat now - customer support is available online 24/7.

Caller ID on TV - incoming phone numbers of callers appear on your TV screen.

Visual Voicemail - get your messages on your computer or receive an email whenever you have a new voicemail message.

Tutorials - online videos match audio to video, for easy visual learning.

Mobility Solutions

Call Forwarding - Dial *72 to direct your incoming home phone calls to another number. To turn off this feature, dial *73.

Wheelchair Accessibility - All Suddenlink stores are wheelchair-accessible.

Vision Solutions

Voice Guidance - effortlessly explore content and find your favorite shows and movies. The Altice One "talking guide" reads the content of the screen out loud, including program descriptions and navigation instructions.

Voice Commands - tune to channels, search for shows, enable closed captioning and more with your voice and the Altice One remote.

Don't have Altice One? Call us at 844-551-5862 or visit your local Suddenlink Store to learn more.

TiVo (MG1) - tivo.com/accessibility


  • Read your statement online and zoom in for magnification.
  • A PDF of your bill is available on suddenlink.net after logging into My Account.

Service Dogs - All Suddenlink stores allow service dogs.

Guides - find step by step instructions on how to connect, setup and use your TV, phone and internet services and features